List of deliverables

Name of the Deliverable Deadline Link
E1 Quality Manual 2014-08-15
A1 Report on the state of the art of dynamic noise mapping 2014-12-31
D1 Website of the project 2014-12-31
A2 Technical Report on pilot areas location 2015-01-31
B1 Sizing the monitoring network – Technical report 2015-09-30
B4 Dynamap GIS based software for real time noise maps update 2018-01-22
D2 Report on workshop outcome 2015-12-31
D2 Proceedings of Dynamap special session II 2016-06-30
B3 Report describing the ANED algorithms for low and high computation capacity sensors 2016-09-30
B6 DYNAMAP System – Technical Manual 2018-06-30
B7 Report on the results achieved from Dynamap System test 2018-12-31
B6 DYNAMAP Software – User Guide 2018-06-30
C1 Technical report on public response to the Dynamap System 2018-12-31
B8 Report on future upgrade of the Dynamap System 2018-09-30
C2 Tool for costs-benefits analysis 2018-06-30
C3 Report on future visions of system applications 2018-12-31
E3 After LIFE Communication plan 2019-03-31
B9 Guideline to real time noise mapping 2019-03-31
D2 Proceedings of Final conference 2019-06-30
D1 Layman’s Report 2019-06-30
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