The LIFE DYNAMAP project final conference (www.life-dynamap.eu) has been held on June, 6th in Rome, at the Via Rieti Auditorium. About 100 participants took part an the event, belonging to the institutional, technical-professional and research world.
The conference began with the welcome greetings from the ANAS Director of Engineering and Audits Michele Vigna and with a quick introduction on the noise regulatory changes given by Eng. Lorenzo Lombardi, representing the Ministry of the Environment.
During the event, in addition to presenting the project in general and its objectives, the partners took turns in illustrating the obtained results.
The automatic mapping system DYNAMAP, based on low-cost custom sensors able to detect noise levels, to display impacts through a chromatic real time maps and to produce information required by national legislation in a few moments, was of particular interest. The analyzes have demonstrated the good accuracy of the dynamic mapping system and a highly positive cost / benefit ratio.
The conference ended with a Networking session, during which the coordinators of other projects cofunded by the European Commission described the main objectives and activities undertaken to date.

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